Thursday, February 28, 2008

February BJP finished

I have to thank the Lone Beader for this one, as her style of bead embroidery inspired me to try something similar. I used layers of felt to make the Mermaid & the fish stand out from the background fabric..

Here are a couple of progress pictures so you can see what I did, the top side of the Mermaid is about a 1/4 " thick and the lower side is flat, so hopefully I have achieved a 3D effect with her & the fish..

I'm not sure about the face of the mermaid but hey she does have a great head of hair LOL

Her tail is ruffled with sculptural bead weaving, this last picture is the most true to life colour I think.... Now onto the next one

You can see this picture enlarged at my webshots allbums as my pictures still won't open to larger images even tho they are HUGE :(

Thursday, February 14, 2008

More on the Mask Challenge

I recently started a new job & life got turned upside down for a bit & I am now working 40 hrs a week BUT I am still getting some beading done, which helps keep me sane in a crazy world ;9
I've got the theme for my mask worked out & have made a small start on the beading. I will show some teasers pictures of my mask as I go but I intend to keep my theme to myself for now, it is a challenge after all, right?
I decided to glue some polycotton fabric from on old sweatshirt over the felt, as I didn't like beading on the fuzz from the felt.....

I love these clear AB 11s - they have a wonderful rainbow effect, don't you think?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Under the Sea for December

I am beginning to feel like I am catching up at last & have December's page done & in its frame

I am really pleased with this one & was inspired to make the fabric 'tubes' by an article in the July '07 Quilting Arts magazine & some of the lovely polished Paua pieces I brought back from New Zealand last year were the perfect complement... I also added a Swarovski Starfish that I got at the Puget Sound Bead Fest last year but it sparkles so much it's hard to see clearly

The colour is not quite right, so I might try another picture with natural light & see what happens, meanwhile here's a detail shot as I am still having problems getting these pictures to open to a bigger pic - grr
I have made a good start on January's page as well, so hopefully I'll have caught up before May arrives