Sunday, September 27, 2009

Overdue update

I have not been doing a lot of beading of late. In summer my garden seem to take first place on my list of priorities. So here are a few pictures of my yard & garden so you can see what I have been up to while not sitting in the 'bead nest'

This is the side yard looking west towards the greenhouse, the house is to the north /or right of this yard

Looking towards the house from the vegetable garden, which sits behind the greenhouse. The bright blue building to the left is my potting shed, that Joe built behind his garage/workshop.

The back deck, this is where I love to sit with a cuppa any time of day;) The hot tub is under that grey area on the deck & is a life saver, especially when I get home from my evening shift at work ~ ahhhhh

The front yard looking north, there are no lawns here to be mowed ;) That is the front of the garage where the motor home lives & beyond that, the old spartan trailer which is home to Joe's studio where he builds his robots & stuff that you can see here

My plant nursery, I propogate cuttings to sell in plant sales in the spring & summer.
The Gunnera with Joe standing behind it, it reached about 7 feet this year! This is part of the view from our deck. A little bit of the tropics in our back yard.

One of my favorite plants the Hebe, Aumumn Glory. Isn't it a beautiful shade of purple?
Looking in through Joe's 'Moon Gate', which is between the house & the garage. You can see the door to his workshop and the front of my potting shed..

Just one of my giant sunflowers...
This is a 5 year old Bonsai vine maple that I started from a seedling, it started as a 'what if' - This is the first year the leaves have been small, so something is happening as it should. I now have several more in the green house to see if I can do it again ;)
And lastly here is what I am beading at the moment, it's slow going though so don't expect to see it finished any time real soon LOL but then who knows?