Monday, March 30, 2009

Proud Mother - that's me ;)

Last year my daughter Elizabeth bought a Cafe. She lives in northern New South Wales, Australia.
In February to celebrate International Women's Day, the local Weekly News did an article spotlighting Business Women in the Surrounding area.

Elizabeth sent me a copy of the Weekly, so I want to share her with you all ;)

I am so very proud of my Daughter!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

March BJP - The Women in My Life

Ok this makes me up to date on my BJP pages - Yay!!

This is Julie Briggs, a dear friend of mine who passed away May last year after a sudden illness. She taught elementary school here on the peninsula for over 25 years & was instrumental in getting our Boys & Girls club stated.

She is greatly missed & I often find myself thinking of how Julie would have enjoyed this or that thing.

You might be gone Julie but you are not forgotten...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Muse is unveiled at last!

Scarlett has set up a wonderful gallery where all the entries - over 60 of them - are on display.

I love how there are so many different styles & ways to use this piece which Scarlett named the Muse.

Nope I didn't win but I enjoyed the challenge all the same & congratulate the winners.

Here's my interpretation of the Muse & of course it's Bead Embroidered..

Here are a couple of progress pix so you can see how it looks out flat..

I enjoyed this challenge immensely but will sit the next one out as I have a Mermaid waiting for some attention, more on that soon;)

Daily pix

Busy, busy, busy today, aren't I?

Well I said I was going to post daily pix, so here is one of Ms Phoebe's tent & all her toys..

Yep she has her own tent - mind you, she is not a spoilt cat at all, not one little bit LOL

She has a new mouse, it squeeks when touched & while it doesn't smell as good as the catnip mice it does seem to be the favorite for now. I read that Maine Coons remained kitten like & that seems to be so with this one, she loves to throw that mouse in the air & chase it across the room

February BJP - The Women in My Life

Meet Colleen, she is the second oldest of us five girls & lives in Nelson, New Zealand. Colleen is very family oriented & has 3 daughters as well as a son who she adopted as a wee baby. She used to love to hike in the mountains around Nelson but her health has put a stop to that in recent years.

I found this pretty orange fabric at Joanne's a couple of weeks ago & the hearts told me it should be my February Page. I love the combination of chartreuse & orange, it really sings!

What a waste of a morning!

LOL at myself!!
In my last two posts I have typed the title & then hit enter - of course that published my post so there it sits just a heading with no content until I finish this ;)

Today I got up a little earlier than usual because I have to renew my Wa State food handler's card, required by all staff at the retirement home where I work. I had my oatmeal, showered & headed to the southern end of the Peninsula to where the class is held, only to find that today's class had been cancelled ;(

Well heck! So I headed home again via the supermarket & pharmacy where I picked up my test strips for the glucose testing meter I was given the other day & didn't pick up my 2 prescriptions that I'd forgotten to call in ;(

When I got home I saw that the test strips - which cost an arm & a leg BTW! - are not the same kind as my meter, what the heck? Then I saw a note from the Pharmacist, telling me that these strips were the only kind that my insurance covers, well heck! I only have one test strip left of the FREE ones that came with the meter I had been given, so called my Dr to see what can be done. The long & the short of it is, he is going to prescribe a meter to match the strips.. I guess I can pick it up tomorrow while I am picking up those scrips I just emailed to the Pharmacy!

At least I don't have to go anywhere now so I intend to do some beading ;)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Daily pix & some rambling

I really need to be more active on here, I have the typical Cancerian tendency to shut myself off & while I read other's blogs, I just don't think I have anything to share, so I say nothing..

Today I decided that I'd try to embrace my bloggy self ;) & to that end took some pictures in my garden today to share with my on line friends & fellow artists.

This is the view from the back steps, I have a lot of work to do there once the weather warms up.

A close up of my blue Hyacinth, they were a favorite of my dear Mother & so are special to me.
Health is always an issue once you are over 60 & recently Joe had surgery to replace 2 vertebrae in his neck, here he is with the collar on about a week after his surgery. He had to trim his beard because the collar & it did not go together well. I'm pleased as I much prefer him without all the whiskers - even the moustache is gone for the moment, the radiation he had last year created a bald patch as you can see on his right side.

It is a month now since the Op and he is doing well & has been able to get off the pain meds, so that speaks well of the surgery & its success.

I have a different health issue, I am now Diabetic - I had been pre-diabetic & thought I was eating right. I really didn't want to eat meat so replaced that with beans & chick peas. BUT it turns out that was the wrong thing to do as while they are protein, they are also starch & turn to sugar- Duh, you'd think that I would have known that, wouldn't ya? But nope I did not.

I'm testing my blood sugar once a day for the moment, while I learn what foods I'm sensitive to & get used to eating 6 times a day..

It's funny but I'm almost relieved to learn this life changing news because at last I understand why I have been packing on the weight, which has been depressing me quite a bit.

I met with a Dietitian at our local hospital last week & next Friday Joe & I have an appointment to see the Diabetic Nurse, I 'm pleased that she wants him to come as well, as I know I need his support with this.

I'm confident that I'll be able to control this with my diet & lose some unwanted pounds as well.

I've almost finished my February BJP page & here's a wee tease of it. I should have it finished this evening & will have a picture of it to share tomorrow. Then it is on to Ms March.

Finally here's my Phoebe for your viewing pleasure ;)

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Muse is done..

It took me longer than I had planned to do my Bead the Muse piece.

We have been short one person at work & as we are a small facility with a small staff the rest of us picked up a few extra hours until we found a replacement - it sure ate into my beading time but my next cheque should be good :)

Here is a wee tease for my entry in this contest & the whole piece will be revealed next week after Scarlett announces the winner.