Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Daily pix

Busy, busy, busy today, aren't I?

Well I said I was going to post daily pix, so here is one of Ms Phoebe's tent & all her toys..

Yep she has her own tent - mind you, she is not a spoilt cat at all, not one little bit LOL

She has a new mouse, it squeeks when touched & while it doesn't smell as good as the catnip mice it does seem to be the favorite for now. I read that Maine Coons remained kitten like & that seems to be so with this one, she loves to throw that mouse in the air & chase it across the room


Carol said...

Well, some might say they have seen everything when they see your post. Not me. I saw someone post once that they put an electric heated blanket on their tractor seat when they were outside with the cats so the cats could be cozy.
Anyone that buys their cat their own tent, is OK in my book!!

Kath said...

I always say what's the point of having pets, if you arent going to spoil them! posted by a slave to 2 pampered pooches.....