Sunday, January 31, 2010


So.... Because I find it hard to simply sit & do nothing, I decided to make things to sell using my sewing machine & am now proud to announce my Etsy Store DollieBeadznSewz which I opened today.

Here are few of the items that are for sale & I hope to offer more as the weeks go by.

I thought these hearts would make the perfect Valentine's gift for that someone special in your life.

Or, they might make the perfect base for someone to use for their BJP pages.. I can make a set in the colours of your choice if you'd like..

So please go to DollieBeadznSewz & tell your friends about it too ;)

Here I am again, at last..

I can't believe it's been so long since I blogged..

I have arthritis in my thumb joint & I'm waiting to see if my health insurance will approve a scan of the joint, so that the orthopedic dr can then decide what is the best action to take. I cannot take pain meds & the OTC ones don't do a real lot to relieve the pain.

I have trouble picking things up & holding a needle is painful so I have not been beading lately. In fact I spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself & I ate way too much of the things I should not have & managed to put 8 pounds back on, after losing 17 pound early last year! Of course that made me feel worse & so goes the not so merry-go-round.

Then to make matters worse I fell at work about 2 weeks ago, I slipped on a wet patch on the floor & landed on my back. I've had a sore back since then & pains down my left leg, I believe it is my sciatica - I can't sit for very long nor can I stand for too long & of course I cannot take anything to help with the pain Grrrr

I am waiting now for L&I to approve my claim so I can start PT to help relieve this. Man do the wheels turn slowly at L&I!! I go back to see my dr again on Tuesday - I have also been off work since this happened & my sickpay has covered me to date but what the heck is going to happen when that runs out??

Oh well a new week starts tomorrow so maybe things will fall into place for me, at least I can hope, right?