Wednesday, September 10, 2014


This Rainbow Lorikeet & his friends were out on the palm tree in the front last evening, they come for the flowers on the palm tree

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


It's been a while since I have put anything on here.

I plan to share the progress I'm making with understanding my camera and using my own settings, instead of just letting the camera decide.

I started a course called 'Beyond The Basics' at the local TAFE (Community College)

I got off to a slow start, because due to reconstructive surgery on my right hand to remove some arthritis, I was unable to manipulate the buttons on the camera ( I had a splint on my hand) 

However, I am now able to take the splint off and am doing Physio to get it all moving again, so look out world, here I come.

Our first assignment was to learn how to change the focus of the camera by changing the aperture to show depth of field, I know this is a simple picture but I'm just beginning, so please be patient with me ;)  This is a money box moose, such a handsome wee guy.

Last night was our 3rd class, it was a 'Night Shoot' so we went to a shopping centre at Broadbeach on the Gold Coast, where there's a pedestrian bridge which crosses the street in the middle of an intersection.  We set up our tripods and cameras and really had a great time even though there wasn't a real lot of traffic.

The second picture was taken looking in a different direction and moving the lens in and out gently while the shutter was open, such a fun picture..

Then we packed up our tripods and cameras, and headed over to the Park at the Gold Coast Arts Centre, and took some photos of the high rises in Surfers Paradise, across the Nerang River.

It was a great night, we had a lot of fun and learnt something new as well.