Saturday, June 28, 2008

One more page for the BJP

I have finished the June '07 page finally - I started this one planning to totally encrust my pages but found the size daunting so there it sat taunting me for the next 11 months LOL I finally cut out the piece I had beaded & attached it to another piece of fabric, as I started beading around it I realized it was an sea anemone & so.... The Portrait of a Sea Anemone was born

I also had it in my mind to bead a Paua shell (black lipped abalone) for my final page BUT...... It ended up too big for my little frames that I am using to display my pages -grrrrrr

So it is back to the drawing board for my final page. Plus, now what do I do with a beaded Paua shell? LOL A friend suggested a tiny mermaid to sit in the shell & yes that could happen but time will tell, eh?

Back side covered with 'Paua Shell' fabric from New Zealand

My mind is a blank as what else to do for my last BJP, so I have been playing with beaded beads, which I will share pics of as soon as I get some pictures of them

Friday, June 6, 2008

Tagged for a Meme

I have been tagged by Arline & Cyn in this Meme, so here goes..

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was living in Asuncion, Paraguay & teaching English as a 2nd Language at a British Language Institute. It was the experience of a lifetime for me, as I not only experienced a totally different culture from my own & learnt a new language, I also made some wonderful friends from all over the world (I am still in touch with many of them)

I'd been doing bead embroidery for a while & had also taught myself peyote stitch from a book so of course I was beading in my spare time.

2. What are 5 things on my to do list for today (need not be in order)?

1. Fix the tension on my sewing machine
2. Water the plants in the garden shed
3. Mount my June (yes June 07) BJP on the back board & get it in its frame
4. Work on my May BJP page (the last one & it's almost done)
5. Price a bunch of things for next weekend's Garage Sale

3. Snacks that I enjoy.

an apple - dried fruit - chocolate

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire.

Stop worrying about money - ha ha haa that's a given, isn't it?
Set my children up with the home & business of their choice
Give all of my grandchildren a college education
Become a philantrapist & hire a bunch of my friends to help me find worthy causes
Buy a tropical island for bead/art retreats & have fun with all my creative friends

5. Places I have lived.

New Zealand - born & raised there
Australia - my dear daughter still lives there
Asuncion, Paraguay, South America
Pacific Coast, Washington, USA

6. Jobs I have had.

Varied office assistant & sale's type jobs
Primary Producer/Banana Grower
English Language Teacher
Mother, the most rewarding job of all

7. Peeps I want to know more about.

Sassy Sharon


I've notified my bloggy friends of their tags & hopefully they will want to play too.