Thursday, February 19, 2009

Use the Muse Contest

Scarlett Lanson of The Beader's Muse has a Contest going on her site info here

I signed up for it & have my kit - I have to say Scarlett is really fast at getting the kits out, I think mine arrived with in 3 days of ordering it!

This is an interesting challenge & I did it mainly because I don't make much jewelry & this has pushed me to make something.

I found out about this contest from Liz but over on FaceBook & Liz already has hers done!!

The ideas behind this contest is that we must use the MUSE which is part of a kit Scarlett has put together - I have managed to get the Muse looking how I envisaged it so now it is just beading, beading, beading & you know I LOVE to do that!

We are allowed to share a tease of the piece so I will do that when I get finished!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

January BJP

I've finished my January page & have even got it attached to the ultra suede!

The pink beads (both light & dark) are size 15s & I used the one bead at a time style of bead embroidery, I imagine it is similar to seed stitch in thread embroidery... I think the texture is amazing when the beads are applied this way... I first used it when I did my 'Under the Sea' series on the Orange Starfish

This is Tiffany; she is my oldest granddaughter & she turned 20 on January 28th

Tiffany is our miracle child, as she was born with Whilm's Tumor, a rare form of cancer that is related to the kidney & is often not found until the child is around 2 - 3 years old & in many cases it has spread to other organs & or the spine.

In Tiffany's case it the tumor grew very fast & she was only 3 months old when it was removed along with one of her kidneys, it was the size of a baseball. Subsequent tumors have resulted in a third of her remaining kidney being removed so her health is delicate & she will most likely need a transplant one day.

I thank God that Tiff was born in Australia where my daugher lives, the wonderful health care system there saved her life & my daughter did not have to go into debt to pay for her care.

That said, Tiffany is a bright intelligent young Woman & I hope she goes far in life & achieves her dreams

Houdini the Cat

Check out the vidio of a cat trying to escape from his collar, it was too cute not to share with everyone

Friday, February 6, 2009

Tidying up my BJP pages

I've finished attaching my Nov & Dec pages to the ultra suede - I'm pleased with how these they are looking, so thought I would share some pics.

This is my girlfriend Frankie - my November page - Frankie is an animal lover, can you tell?

This is my younger sister Isabell - my December page

I still have to edge the pages & prepare them for the book but I'm getting there - I do need to get the front cover for my book started I guess - sigh - There never seems to be enough hours in a day to do all the things I would like to LOL

I am still working on my January page but it's almost done..

Melba's Birthday

Melba is my MIL - She turned 85 on Tuesday 3rd of Feb.

Joe & I drove down to Vancouver Wa on Saturday to celebrate with Melba & Joe's brothers & sister.
Ed's wife Geri is a fantastic cook, so you always know you will get something good to eat & we were not disappointed..

It was good to see Melba & catch up with the rest of the famliy as well

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Medly of Mermaids

I just wanted to share a pic of my merry mermaids.....

HELP! They have taken over my chair..

No prizes for guessing what I have been doing with my time this past week ~ grin