Thursday, May 7, 2009

The ups & downs of life

Sometimes life just plain overwhelms me ~

Last week I attended the last of 4 diabetes education classes (3 hrs each week!) at our local hospital & have a follow up appointment with the diabetic nurse next week. I was mightily ticked off with the idea of having to go to classes at first but I now appreciate the fact that our hospital provides this for us. The classes really helped me to come to terms with my diabetes, as well as helping me understand what this chronic disease is all about. Now I know how I can control my blood sugar & I am finding that my diet has not changed a lot, more meat/protein & healthy fats.

I had my 2nd A1C test a couple of weeks ago & am pleased to say that my numbers have dropped 2 points to 6.2. It's good to have confirmation that I am now in control.

I actually enjoy finding different ways of presenting my meals & I'm seeing a Mediterranean look to my food which BTW, I am enjoying immensely. I even took photos of some dishes ;)

One chicken thigh with steamed veges & some olives & no that is not butter it's Smart Balance margarine on my potato -I didn't eat white potatoes for the longest time but I'm enjoying a small serving of them again ;)One egg scrambled with stewed tomatoes, to which I have added chopped onion, garlic & fresh spinach, along with some olives for healthy fat
A freshly baked loaf of whole grain, Rye bread with sprouted Rye berries & flax meal added. Bread is a good thing if it's whole grain, which this sure is. We've had a change in our hours at work, so I now do 7 hr shifts & just 2 nights a week - Yay!

But the past 2 weeks saw me covering for other caregivers who had health issues & me with a small tear in my Achilles tendon - sheesh all the gals there are a lot younger than me, what's wrong with this picture?

I have no idea how I tore my Achilles tendon if indeed it is torn, I didn't have an MRI as my Dr said it was just a small tear & gave me a boot to wear that makes me kind of walk on the ball of my foot & decreases the strain on the tendon. I'm also on an anti-inflammatory med to help with the pain. Dr tells me that because I am older ~ahem~ my tendons & muscles will tear with little strain sometimes & it can be as simple as turning my foot in a mole hole in the garden - well that is a possibility as there are moles aplenty here ;( I need to get some decent work boots to wear when working in the garden.

I am totally rearranging my garden this year, if I get enough fine sunny days to work out there. I lost a couple of plants to the extreme cold we had here last winter so they need to be replaced & there is an area at the back on a hillside that really needs a make over. I have moved my Dahlias out of there, so that is a start & Joe is rebuilding my strawberry beds today, it might be a bit late but we shall see.

I took a few cuttings last fall, which wintered over under mist in the greenhouse. They have been potted up & hopefully will be ready for my plant sale in June.

Beads; Oh yes I am beading, mostly in the evenings when I'm not at work.

I am behind again in my BJP being that it's May now but I will get back to that real soon. I have been working on the BFAC Project, this is the first year I've taken part in it.
This is the kit that is sent out & I have to use the big glass bead as well at least 1 of each of the rest of the beads, I can add 1 extra bead kind & a few other things like cabs, sequins & non bead items
I had a couple of false starts, which seems to be the norm for me LOL but I am pleased with what I'm doing now. So here's a wee tease for you to wonder over ;)