Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What a waste of a morning!

LOL at myself!!
In my last two posts I have typed the title & then hit enter - of course that published my post so there it sits just a heading with no content until I finish this ;)

Today I got up a little earlier than usual because I have to renew my Wa State food handler's card, required by all staff at the retirement home where I work. I had my oatmeal, showered & headed to the southern end of the Peninsula to where the class is held, only to find that today's class had been cancelled ;(

Well heck! So I headed home again via the supermarket & pharmacy where I picked up my test strips for the glucose testing meter I was given the other day & didn't pick up my 2 prescriptions that I'd forgotten to call in ;(

When I got home I saw that the test strips - which cost an arm & a leg BTW! - are not the same kind as my meter, what the heck? Then I saw a note from the Pharmacist, telling me that these strips were the only kind that my insurance covers, well heck! I only have one test strip left of the FREE ones that came with the meter I had been given, so called my Dr to see what can be done. The long & the short of it is, he is going to prescribe a meter to match the strips.. I guess I can pick it up tomorrow while I am picking up those scrips I just emailed to the Pharmacy!

At least I don't have to go anywhere now so I intend to do some beading ;)

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Carol said...

Some days are just like that. It starts in the morning and doesn't give up all day. Tomorrow it will have passed!