Sunday, May 13, 2007

Here I go - my first blog

I live at the beach in the bottom southwest corner of Washington State, with my husband & Phoebe the cat..

Life is pretty busy right now as I've decided to grow plants to sell next spring, so I'll be keeping busy this spring & early summer, getting lots of cuttings in the ground. My DH is my biggest fan, as well as the builder/handyman who makes all the bits I need work.

I'm also a hopeless bead addict so any 'spare time' I have is spent beading. You can see most of my beaded creations here, enjoy. I have decided to join Robin Atkins 2007 Bead Journal Project - it's not like I have nothing to do but I think it will help me to grow as a Bead Artist.

Well that's it for today, I need to lose about 30 pound - thats about 14 kilos for the rest of the world- so I'm off to the gym - good news tho, my cholesterol & blood sugar are down to acceptable numbers at last, so this exercising I've been doing really does benifit the body. Of course I knew that already but sometimes we have to beat ourselves over the head before we really listen to our inner voice.


Robin said...

Congratulations are in order! First for your new blog and second for getting control of cholesterol & blood sugars. Way to go!

Judi D said...

I found it! So happy to see you here my friend.

ButterflyBlue said...

Hi Ellen ~ Lovely to see your blog. I have about the same amount of weight to lose (have lost 20kg) I will cheer you on from 'down under' ;-)

Joy >i<

Denise said...

Hey! Good on ya!!!! It's going to be fun doing the journal project! Looking forward to working towards the same goals as you!
Cheers, Denise

Dianne said...

YIPEE,YAHOO I'm so glad your here and glad to hear you are getting healthier.. Great for you..I'll be back:):)

illaya said...

How encouraging can this be? You are motivating me to not only start a blog but join Robin's Journal Group.

Big cheers for your victory over sugar and cholesterol.

Don't be working to much the beads will be missing you.

Love & Light