Thursday, October 2, 2014

Some more from my camera class..

 My sister Nancy came to stay with me for a few days after my daughter Liz's wedding, and our project for the week was a photo showing/using light in some way.  I took this early in morning while Nancy was having her first cuppa.  The sun was shining thru the window right onto Nancy's face.  It's quite a harsh light but I like the picture.

This next picture is one we did in class, we had to compose a picture using the dice and cup as well as some pegs and the textured 'fabric'.  I'm reasonably happy with this, maybe getting the camera lower would have made the picture more interesting, rather than looking down on it, but...

Our next home project was to show the rule of thirds, I chose to use my Macro Lens with a pink Crucifix Orchid.  I sprayed water on the flower first, as I think it gives it a bit of oomph to a flower in a photo.  It really is an odd looking thing when you see it up close.  This one earned me chocolates in class as the best pic of the day ;)

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