Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A false start

Well I've been at a standstill with my pages which has been frustrating.

I want to make 3D beaded art quilts so I got the fabric I thought I needed & off I went.

But when I started on my 'first' page I realized that even tho this has a kind of 3D aspect to it, this is not what my mind's eye saw.

Although it doesn't show in the picture, the mermaid & seahorse are attached with a felt backing, so that they are raised slightly but not with the effect that I wanted to achieve.
Also, I was going to have my journal as a book with the pages attaching to the left of the beaded page & that no longer appealed either.

Today I checked out my friend Grace's blog & was encouraged to name my journal, thinking that would aid my Muse who seems to be in hiding at the moment - Thanks Grace
So now, I'm working on a new start with a new slant & hopefully I'll have something to share soon


Grace said...

I love the colors Ellen and I certainly understand about changing your mind. I cut my 'pages' a bit larger than 4x6 thinking I would leave enough space on one edge to bind it all up when I was done... changed my mind and found a cute box in my stash that looks like a book - my pages fit perfectly in the box. Coincidence? I think not. Keep at it Ellen, all will fall into place when it's time.

Kiwi Ellen said...

I have been at work the past coulpe of days & again tomorrow but then I have a 3 day weekend to get my idea sorted. Good score on finding the box - isn't it great when we find stuff we had almost forgotten in a corner piled high with stuff

Rhea said...

You're so crafty! I am not at all, but I like the shimmery water.

Kiwi Ellen said...

Thanks Rhea, That shimmery water is some lovely fabric I found at my local quilting store.. I don't believe that you are not crafty, are you doing the BJP with Robin?

freebird said...

How about trappunto? Sewing the mermaid on, slitting the backing fabric, stuffing slightly, and stitching the slit closed. ( How's that for a quick description?) That would make for a gentle, rounded 3-D effect? Good luck on whatever idea you settle on. Take a walk on the beach; my sister says that never fails to refresh her spirits. In fact, take a walk on the beach for me- I am in the desert with a 10 year drought- I can hear the waves now....aahhhh.

Kiwi Ellen said...

You know I have been eying that darn mermaid, wondering if I can indeed rescue that piece LOL Your idea might work except that I glued felt to her then attached the felt to the page
Thanks for the 'walk on the beach' suggestion & you know I think I will - it's funny even tho I live just a 15 min walk from the ocean I don't get there as often as I should. If you feel a gentle breeze today you'll know where it's coming from ~ smile

Sunni said...

She is beautiful, I can't wait to see what all you do with her. I have to agree that shimmering water fabric is just awesome.

Kiwi Ellen said...

Thanks Sunni, I'm still working out the background for my page, I am on a go slow right now - Hopefully my Muse will jumpstart me soon

Katie B said...

Ahh Ellen! I like the material.
Ever since I did the class with Thom I have been hooked !
Be bold !
Be fearless !
Katie B

Kiwi Ellen said...

Hey Kaite good to see you have joined this amazing beaded journal journy too. I so wish I'd been there with you lot for that class with Thom, I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with for his pages..