Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beading & STUFF

Back in Nov 2004 a group of online beading friends (about 30) from 8 different states & Canada got together for a Retreat at the beach where I live. We had a super time, 3 days nights of beads & laughter, friendships were born & memories were created. We also started a Beaded Doll Round Robin, which because life happens has been extended several times but is nearing the end at last. I am working on the final doll to come to me & should have her on her merry way by Monday all being well & good. Then I can get my head around my BJP page for June ;9

This weekend is the Relay for Life & I signed up for the team from the Assisted Living Center where I work.. I am fortunate as no one in my family has had Breat Cancer but I have friends who are survivors & have lost one friend & it is for Crystal that I am walking.

Speaking of walking, I am finally losing weight - I've been using the gym at work since February & not only am I losing weight, I've also lowered both my cholesterol & blood sugar. It feels good to know I am doing the right thing for my body, it took me long enough tho - laughing at self.

I am also getting caught up with my gardening chores but there are still a good number of plants waiting for bigger pots or to be planted somewhere. I took a bunch of photos of my garden last week & must put them here so I can share them

Oh yes & my friend Joslyn who just welcomed her third beautiful son into the world, also won the Bead Art 'Through the Looking Glass' challenge, with her piece 'The Red Queen' Congratulations Jos!


Sunni said...

Hi Ellen, you seem to have a very busy schedule ahead of you. I would love to see the dolls your working on and your garden pictures. I just finished posting some of my progress on my page and my progress on my patio which seems to have gotten connected to me doing this journal.
I can't wait to see your BJP page.
Congratulations to your friend. I saw those pieces they where all wonderful.

Kiwi Ellen said...

Thanks Sunni, I can't show pics of the dolls yet as they need to get home to their Mommies first but I have taken pics of them all after I worked on them. I will share a link to them all once the RR is over tho
It is drizzly here today so I will work at getting the dollhere with me finished so she can head off to the next one to work on her

Sunni said...

Missing seeing you post.
Hope all is well with you.

Sunni said...

Still miss seeing you post and when you come back wanted to let you know there where some new pics of the baby birds.