Friday, July 27, 2007

Where did July go?

This month has flown by so fast..

I had my birthday, went to the Puget Sound Bead Festival, worked & gardened a whole lot.

I also beaded but I have not even finished the page for June, let alone start July's page & I feel like such a flake - I am rethinking the whole thing as I really want to be part of the BJP & not a drop out. I need to make my pages smaller as right now, the time I can spend beading is limited to a few hours in the evenings that I don't work at my part time job. My daylight hours are spent out in the garden & as this is income related I can't trade the spade & pruners for my beading needle as much as I'd like to.

I started with pages that are 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" I planned to make them 3D & set each of them into a frame but that will have to be another time as it just isn't happening right now, time is not being my friend

This is the page I started for June & as you can see, I still have a long way to go....
So rather than be behind forever, right now I am going to go look at the fabrics I have & decide on a smaller do-able size for my pages & I will work out how to display them later

I did meet Robin at the Puget Sound Bead Fest although I think she wondered who the heck I was at first as I kind of joined a group of folks who were talking to her -I was waiting for the right moment to introduce myself but it didn't go as I had hoped, as Robin thought I was part of the group - I kinda felt like I had my foot in my mouth, oh well worse things happen as sea, right?
I had a wonderful time at the bead fest, I took an all day class with Judy Walker on the Friday. Cyn, one of my friends from up in the Seattle area had also signed up for the same class, so we got to spend some beady time together. I also got to spend time with a couple more of my friends from the Seattle area, Helaine & Sassy Sharon. I also shopped 'til I dropped LOL & came home with with a nice stash of new beads that made me feel quite decadent - And because I have been so busy I really haven't done more than look at them all

OK, I'm off to find what I can do about some smaller pages that I can actually complete in the meager time I have to bead at the moment


KV said...

Oh, Ellen --

Don't feel so badly. I barely finished my June page thirty minutes ago myself. July is sitting at the edge of the table and I suddenly decided to change the theme for it (going to save the first idea for August).

I love what you have done so far with your June page and I hope you will reconsider and finish it. My pages are 6 x 8". Perhaps you won't fill the entire page with beading and that will shorten the time element.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you end up doing with this page!

Kathy V in NM

a2susan said...

Hi, Ellen. Your piece is breathtakingly beautiful! The way I see it, you can go on to another, smaller piece, or just keep working on this one and it will be a several months piece. I mean, after all, I don't think the purpose of this project is to get frustrated or feel bad. I think what you have is worth continuing on, it's so gorgeous.Susan

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Ellen, don't drop out!!! I had pondered this idea too as I have only finished one page (barely) and here we are going on the third. Think of ways to fill the space, I'm not changing my page sizes tho they are 4x6 (what was I thinking?). Instead use larger objects like face cabs, ephemera (Sassyartgoddess has wonderful fabric images to stitch down) bead around bigger bits. I have yet to post my BJP but hopefully will get to this this next week. Love this page you shared, take a break and begin the next sheet, then come back to it when you are fresh, otherwise I relate to the feeling of getting burnt out. I love your work, we'd be shortchanged if we didn't have you in the group. ~Monica

Katie B said...

hang in there !
I've just finished June.
Have my idea for July -- haven't started it yet.
Just finished my BFAC (thank you, there IS a god !).
And have soooo many ideas --

Stay the course!

Brenda said...

My first page took over 80 hours, that's like having a part time job.
I have the luxury of being able to devote that kind of time to this project though.
Go smaller, have fun, get rid of the stress.
This piece is beautiful, someday you should finish it.

Cindy said...

Your piece is wonderful! I didn't hear about the project until it was too late to sign up so I'm unofficially taking part. I did a workshop with Robin at the end of June & have fallen in love with bead embroidery. I'm learning all sorts of new techniques. My next project is going to be doing something similar to what you have done with the circle. Thank you for the inspiration. BTW, there is nothing that says you have to fill the whole entire piece with beads. Hang in there, your work is wonderful.

abeadlady said...

Don't let this stress you. Look at it as your relaxation time. Use it to renew yourself and your enthusiasm. If your pages don't get done by the end of every month, so what? For us, losing the inspiration of your work would be worse.You always are there to encourage others. Don't get discouraged yourself. Try a smaller size, but please finish this one too. It's stunning.

beadbabe49 said...

wow...sounds like the PSBF was really neat! One of these days I'm going to get there!
I agree with all the comments made so far...your first page is so awesome I'd hate to see it go...and there is no reason you have to bead the next ones totally....leave some fabric showing through and it will still look great!
It's also early days yet....I did the first two early, but the august one has to wait until after our local pow wow, so I won't be starting it until after the middle of the month.
You're not flakey at all! A bit waterlogged maybe, but not flakey! LOL!

Lois B said...

Your June page is off to an amazing start. Don't worry -- the Bead Journal Police won't come to your house if you miss deadlines (I hope...!) or anything. ;-D This is art, and it has to come at it's pace, and sometimes our lives jump in and get in the way. Please stay with it-- you work is great.

Kiwi Ellen said...

Thank you girls - your encouragement makes me feel a whole lot better. You know my intention was to actually bead more in the style of Thom, Robins talented brother & not cover the whole piece with beads but look what happened >LOL at myself<

mountainsaltstudio said...

Your page is beautiful - don't feel bad about not being 'on schedule' - we have so little summer here, you have to take advantage of outside time when you can - when the rains come in november, there will be time for beads.

sammy said...

Ellen, you may feel like you are behind, but believe me when I say I would happily be behind if I could bead like you are doing on your June Page! I hope to go to that bead show next year and would love to meet up with you!

Kiwi Ellen said...

LOL Lois I wish the BJP police would come to my house - I can only imagine they would be some of the most talented beaders in existence >smile<

Bejeweled said...

It really lovely so far! What amazing shading and swirling! I know what you mean though about time being a finite resource though. We bead when we can :)

sweetpea_path said...

KE ~ now this next comment should make you feel a whole lot better....I have not started EITHER my June page OR July page!!! Now that sure tops you for being behind, yes?! I've got them in my head and I've got the colors & some of the beads already picked out, but like you, I am in the plant trade to make a living and summer is my busiest time. I knew I'd be far behind right out of the gate, but what the heck -- I knew I had to be part of this project anyways :>} oh, and my other thought was to agree with the previous posters who suggested to you that you NOT fill the whole space up with beads. I happen to really love your choice of fabric -- I think it's great it shows.

Hope this makes you feel better :}}

Christi in western WA, too

Kathy Wagner said...

Don't worry a bit - you'll catch up. You are not a flake - you are busy, creative person! Your pieces are wonderful, so I hope you'll keep going with them. You can finish them in the winter when there is nothing else to do!

Kiwi Ellen said...

Thank you Diane, Sammy & Bejeweled - Fancy that, we are all from the Great Northwest. I am amazed at how fast this year is passing & yes it will be fall before we know it & the garden work will ease up. I'm looking forward to having more beading time

Kiwi Ellen said...

Hey Christi & Kathy - Wow Kathy your June page is beautiful, I left my wonderful bernina sewing machine in Australia with my daughter & have not done machine embroidery since '89 - 91. I have a pfaff now but lack the time to play with it >darn< You have inspired me tho thank you
Christi, thanks for letting me feel a bit better about not having the time I'd like.. Wow there are more than a few of us western Wa gals on the BJP.. We will have to organize a 'get-together' when this show is over >grin<

Sunni said...

I hope you do finish this piece. it is wonderful. I love the fabric behind it all looks like the ocean.

heidibeads said...

There are no flakes in beadwork! You are creating a beautiful piece of art and it takes time. I'm just loving the whole process. When I wss in college my art teacher once said, it's not how fast you get the project done, it's how you enjoy the process and relax while you're doing it. He was a wise man that I didn't like before he said that and that made lots of sense. Keep going and I can wait to see the final piece. Heidi

Kiwi Ellen said...

Thank you Sunni & Heidi, I've been convinced that I'm not a flake after all LOL How can anyone remain flaky with the wonderful encouragement from all you wonderful beady Women
& Yes I'm going to finish this piece

The Family Jewels said...

Hey Kiwi Ellen! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a helpful comment. Your BJP page looks beautiful. I'm glad you aren't giving up.

I am jealous of your recent trip to the bead fest. I was just impressed with the artsyness of Seattle and the Puget Sound area when I was there many many years ago (12) and have always wanted to go back.

Nice meeting you! I'll be bookmarking you and checking in again soon!


newsatfive said...

Hi Kiwi Ellen!

Are you going to post the picture from Judy Walker's class? I wanted to take her bracelet workshop, but it was full.

Do you happen to have her contact information, or know if she was selling the kits at the show?


vivage said...

Kiwi Ellen! If I could bead like that! It's so beautiful and serene. I think it looks almost finished exactly as it is. To me it looks like under the sea and over the sea and it works as a completed piece. So you could just finish the under the sea part and wheeeee! Done!

Ha, I wouldn't worry about where you are in the grand scheme of things, it's the joy of playing over making a schedule!

Oh and thanks for the comment on my piece.