Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The weekend at the beach

Was windy as all heck!!

We had high winds of up to 80 MPH this past weekend & woke yesterday (Monday) to no electricity - YIKES!



We did have bottled water & the holding tanks on the moter-home were full so we were able to make tea & coffee out there - thank goodness for small mercies, eh? I cooked spaghetti bolognese for dinner out in the moter home last night & Joe took a bowl of it over to our elderly neighbour, so that she would have a hot meal too. Vida told me today that is was the best spaghetti she'd ever had but I'm guessing anything would have been welcome on a night like last night ~ grin

The water was out because a tree had gone over pulling the water pipes up (just inside the property line so it is our expense - yikes again! Joe made a temporary fix & we have the insurance man coming tomorrow to see about them paying for the trees in front (beach pines) to come out as there are 4 & while only the first 2 are over, the other 2 are also showing signs of disturbance to the roots so are a problem now as well - Widow makers is what Joe calls them

The trees are actually in front of my MIL's house but we share the water line ;9 Our house is the white looking one to the right of the picture..

The power came back on this morning around 10 am thank goodness, Joe had got the fridge in the motor-home going yesterday afternoon & we put all the perishables out there, so didn't lose any food at all which is a good thing, eh?

A friend's daughter had her 11th birthday last week & I made her a couple of things, can you tell that pink is her favorite colour?

I have started making some Christmas themed jewelry & lots of ornament covers as a friend is going to host an open house for me at her Motel sometime after Thanksgiving weekend. So keep your fingers crossed for me that I'll have good sales ;9 I'll share photos of that stuff later when I get done with them all

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