Friday, September 12, 2008

Denise's Dare

Denise dared me to show my beading table, so here it is... I use a TV tray with vellux as my mat - mine is from 'Beading at the Beach' Denise, is yours?

So here is a pic taken today with Nancy smiling as she awaits more beads, did I tell you that purple has always been Nancy's favorite colour? Well it is..

As you can see the tray is upside down, I sit where Nancy's head points.. There are Ott-lites both sides of where I sit & my Bead Nest (as Joe calls it) is on my left & there is low table on my right both full of beads so once I am sitting down I don't have to move, it is all at my fingertips..

I can't explain the tiny 8 ball on my tray, it's something Joe put there, as is the map of New Zealand which he cut out to show me how it didn't fit into California twice as I'd told him.. I pointed out that the maps were 2 different sizes LOL so of course I went to Google to find out for sure & YES I was right.. Don't you love it when you're right!!!


Denise said...

That's a pretty awesome tray Ellen! All those purples! I'm liking that!
I'm actually curious about the eyeball on the tray!!!!
Is there a story behind that little piece of flotsam?
Cheers, Denise

Mr.Natural said...

I knew when I married her that her last name was Right, but I had no idea her first name was ALWAYS!! LOL@YOU miss Ellen from your hub, Joe!

Denise said...

Ah Joe, Don't you know we (women that is) are always right? We just let you think you are once in awhile, cause we're nice!
Cheers, Denise

Kiwi Ellen said...

Ha haa haaa Denise, he actually knows that but refuses to admit it, which makes life frustrating for him...

KV said...

Ellen, this doll is growing more beautiful every time I see her!

Kathy V in NM