Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday update

Update on Nancydoll

She's getting there & still smiling thru all the poking she's getting in the process. I gave her a crystal (2mm) ear-ring to add a bit of BLING.

As I bead this doll, I have my sister much in my thoughts.. Nancy used to be a hair stylist & does Ballroom Dancing & she made her own costumes for that. She is a very accomplished Woman & always looks good. She power walks to keep fit & her dancing also helps to keep her slim & flexible

She is on extended holiday near Perth, in Western Australia, helping her DIL out with the children, while Phil (my nephew) gets settled in a new job out in a mining town a million miles from nowhere...


Anonymous said...

She's looking lovely, Ellen!

Kiwi Ellen said...

Thank you Cynjon!

GraceBeading said...

Ellen... she's beautiful! She looks positively royal in purple.

Helaine said...


I just love her colors, are you giving her to Nancy? She makes a cute wizard!

Hey check out my blog but go down a bit to check out my tea pot I posted. If you haven't seen it yet.

Hugs, Helainedv

Kath said...

This is stunning, Ellen, and my favourite colour too. I need to play more with beads on my little ladies! love Kath

abeadlady said...

Great inspiration for all of us, Ellen. How pleased your sister must be.

Denise said...

She turned out amazing!!! It is a great idea and executed beautifully!
Cheers, Denise

Murphy said...

Hi Ellen,
Nancy dollie looks great!
I like the shape of these dollies! It looks like you're putting them inside of a missile and they're smiling from the window. :-)

freebird said...

Oh, there she is with more beads. Looking great!

Kiwi Ellen said...

Thank you girls..

Helaine, no I am not giving her to Nancy the dolls will be a set but who knows what will happen later

LOL Saby, she does look like she is peeking out of a window - funny Woman!!

Jacqui said...

I love this doll and I love the idea of portraying 12 important women in your life. I am currently doing the last of my kids as I remember them as little ones.