Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Picture Tagging

I got tagged by Lora

Here are the rules:-
  1. Go to your 4th picture folder
  2. Go to the 4th picture
  3. Tell everyone 4 things about that picture
  4. Tag 4 more people

  1. This is Joe & the picture was taken at the 2007 annual Jazz & Oysters here on the Peninsula & by the look of the sparse crowd the show was just beginning as the place is chock-a-block full by midday.

  2. I think Joe is puffing out his chest because he's wearing his very cool, Maori design t-shirt that he got at WOMAD while we were down in New Zealand for my dear Mother's 90th birthday.

  3. I don't see any shadows so I guess we had a grey start to the day but the sun came out as you can see here, which BTW, is how we cook oysters up here in Pacific North West ;o)

  4. We volunteer at J&O & while Joe was selling T-shirts, CDs & stuff I was selling desserts

You can read more about it all here

I'm not going to tag anyone but if you are reading this please consider yourself tagged & feel free to tag your friends ;)


Anonymous said...

ummmm, Joe's kind of hot!

Mr. Natural said...

Awww - shucks ma'am - kick a rock...(-;

Lora said...

Very cool!!!!! Glad you played.