Monday, August 20, 2007

Jazz & Oysters

Yesterday was Jazz & Oysters at the old Oysterville school, an annual event here on the Long Beach Peninsula, which is organized by the good folk from Water Music Festival

My husband has been a volunteer at Jazz & Oysters for several years but this was my first year helping out.

I worked at the dessert table & boy oh boy there were some tempting delights, all donated by local Bakeries & Restaurants!

I only had two plates honestly!

This is how we cook oysters up here on the Willapa Bay, where some of the finest oysters in the Nation are grown by the way ;9

Although the day started out damp & grey, by noon the sun had come out and with it came many locals... listen to the Ron Steen Trio & the beautiful voice of Marilyn KellerI was lucky enough to speak with Marilyn, who told me she has been singing since she was a child & that she learnt to sing in harmony when she was in kindergarten.

Of course that meant I didn't get any beading done this past weekend but that's OK, I'm planning to make up for lost time this evening

Here are two photos of the yellow dahlia...

taken this morning
& again this eveningIt's really got a grow on now & that bud next to it is getting bigger by the minute!


Lora said...

Don't you just look delightful and sweet by the sweet treat table!!! Handsome hubby too! Looks like a festival that Brent and I would have enjoyed!

Kiwi Ellen said...

Ahh thanks Lora, it is a nice outing - especially when the weather cooperates for us