Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Dahlia

I picked the dahlia this afternoon so that the next one will have enough room to open
Here it is, Thursday 23

Of course it needed a big vase but I didn't have anything to put inside to hold the bloom up straight... Thank goodness for husbands, Joe managed to construct the perfect 'frog' to hold it up straight in the vase... Thank you dear ;9

I saw my Endocrinologist today, she's pleased that I have lost weigh, plus my cholesterol & triglycerides are both at excellent numbers, which pleases me very much too.

I'm going to bead for a while & maybe I'll have a progress pic tomorrow..


Lora said...

That's a great picture Ellen!! You are so beautiful! That flower is friggin huge!

Kiwi Ellen said...

Oh shucks Lora, thank you ;9

Yep it sure is huge, eh? I thought of putting it in front of my face for the photo but Joe wouldn't take one like that LOL

Judi D said...

That blossom is gorgeous.

Kiwi Ellen said...

Isn't it Judi, it's like a big golden sun..

Sunni said...

That is the first one of those I have ever seen, even of just a picture.
It is awesome. However its beauty doesn't outshine the beauty of your smile. What a great picture.
Did you get your hair cut or is it pulled back?
Had to ask because I just got all of mine cut off and everyone is asking me that question.

Kiwi Ellen said...

Hi Sunni, good to see you again.. It sure is an awesome flower, eh?

Nope I didn't cut my hair, it's pulled back in a pony tail. I'm growing it again after wearing it shortish for the past 3 years. Please share a pic of your new short hair cut..

Sue in western WA said...

Wow. What a bloom!

Sunni said...

I will do that this week. I have my end of month measuring this week and on that day I have my husband take pics so I will get him to take one of my new hair cut.

Mr. Natural said...

She really IS a cutie, isn't she Lora?