Sunday, August 26, 2007


I got bored with the colours of my blog so played around with the templates & as green is my favorite colour this seemed the perfect set up for me..

Freebird has this link to Bablefish on her blog & I thought it would be a cool addition to mine too, thanks Freebird ;9

I did get some beading done over the past couple of days & the starfish is almost done. Then I need to attach him to the page, I plan on doing a bit if beading to highlight the 'waves' in the ocean of the background fabric before I attach him tho & then it will be done.

Of course I still have to do August's page & here we are almost into September - I don't like being behind, so hopefully next month will see me catching up. Don't any of you hold your breath tho LOL

Today (already the 27th down under) my baby is 37 - Happy Birthday Elizabeth..

Oh my, how you have grown, I am so proud of the Woman you are..

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diane said...

About ArtFiberFest - It really is a very relaxing experience - I go every year just to recharge - I do hope you get to go some time.