Thursday, August 16, 2007

Making Progress..

Here's a progress pic of my starfish, three points done & two to go. I think the center bit will go faster, the points are tricky to bead.

Well I had my appointment with my Neurologist yesterday & he wired me up & sent some electric shocks thru my hands to find out what the problem is with them >OUCH< It is Carpal Tunnel & my right hand is far worse than the left. He said that he wants me to have a steroid shot in my right wrist first & if that relieves the pain then in 6 months or so to go ahead & have the surgery - I am not a big fan of needles but if that's what it takes to do away with this problem then that's what I'll do but I might leave it for a few more weeks yet

I have to share these pics of my Phoebe with her Catnip plant which is in bloom at the moment

Of course just a taste of catnip takes her back to kittenhood & dust baths

You can see how well my thyme ground cover is growing to cover the patch where nothing would grow except weeds, it should cover that area totally by next summer which will mean NO MORE DUST OR MUD, boy am I looking forward to that!


Katie said...

I love your starfish! That is very charming. and your cat too! I had a catnip plant for awhile for my two cats but they dug it out of the pot and it died.

Good luck with your Carpal Tunnel.

beadbabe49 said...

Great starfish...he looks wonderful against the blue fabric!
If your carpal tunnel is early enough you might try didn't work for me because I was too far along, but it sure cleared up a couple of other problems I'd been having! (and is waaaay less invasive than surgery!)

KV said...

I like your page very much! And your Phoebe Cat is adorable, too. My only granddaughter has that wonderful name.

Kathy V in NM

Kiwi Ellen said...

Thank you girls..

Katie, maybe planting the catnip in the ground would be better than putting it in a pot, I have several plants this year- they came up here and there thru the garden

Bobbi, I am not keen to have surgery but will see how it goes but of course there's the question of whether my insurance will pay for acupuncture or not

Kathy, I named my Phoebe after Phoebe Snow, a blues singer with a wonderful voice

Lillian said...

Love how your starfish looks like it's dancing on top of waves :o)
Good luck with your decisions re: your Carpal Tunnel Lillian in WA

CC said...

I LOVE these colors! I had a moment of panic when you mentioned how hard it is to bead the points, but I know I can do mine too! Have you decided yet if you're gonna add to the background yet? Can't wait to see!
Wishing you health!
With aloha,

Kiwi Ellen said...

Oh goodie Lillian that is my goal to do 3D beading - thank you ;9

CC - don't panic! Mine has different pointy things to yours LOL I'm beading a 3D form, which means I have to do the edges of the points too - Yours is flat & the points should be much easier to do.

I think I'm going to do the tips of the 'waves' on the background but we shall see.
Oh BTW I have to tell you, whenever my thread catches on the points I think of you with your beading way above your head so that won't happen to you LOL

Judi D said...

What a lovely combination! It is looking beautiful. Give little Phoebe a hug from me. She is such a pretty girl and quite proud of her

Kiwi Ellen said...

Thanks Judi, I'm pleased with how it's turning out

I'm waiting for the next sunny day to harvest the catnip & hang it to dry in the potting shed.. I see catnip toys in my future LOL Ha! We shall see what time allows, eh?

How are your July/August pages going?

Sunni said...

Hi, I am happy to see you back posting. Love your starfish and what a beautiful cat. Does she think that is enough catnip? LOL I once hid a bag of catnip from my cats, I had two at that time, in my bedroom, behind a door and in a drawer ..Only to find both of them rolling around my bedroom floor like they where drunk, the door opened the drawer pulled out and the catnip everywhere. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Kiwi Ellen said...

Thank you Sunni - I've finally popped out of my Cancerian shell, I guess you can relate to that being a Moon Woman too ;9
LOL at your cats finding the catnip & helping them-selves. I have a ziplock bag with seedheads from last year in the bottom drawer of my desk & recently I heard Mz Phoebe playing with something while I was surfing online. Turns out, I had left the drawer open an inch or two & she had hooked the bag out and was busy playing with it LOL She hadn't managed to open it tho..