Friday, July 24, 2009

The Beaded Rock - the timely end of a UFO

I am not going to admit how long this has been sitting around as a UFO but it has been a while & some of my friends may have seen it in person at a certain event here at the beach ;)

It began life as a 2.5"x 2" rock which I beaded over using peyote stitch & then the fun began, making tiny sea anemones.. I added lots of embellishment using tiny shells, pearls, drop beads & lots of tiny fringe/stacks.

I have taken pohots from all angles so you can see all the fun details..

I hope you enjoy this piece, it sure was fun to make even if it did take me a long time to finish LOL


Laura K. Curtis said...

That is just darling!!

Crystal said...

O M G!!! FANTASTIC!!! I love it. You did absolutely superbly.

a2susan said...

Very nice, Ellen. I like the colors and design a lot! You really love water themes, so do I.


Denise said...

My comment disappeared! Hey! I said it was amazing and I loved the colour choice! And I had a weird word verification - something like sore but!
Love the rock! Now to pull out the piece of wood that I started - doing another of what you taught me!
Cheers, Denise

Dulcey said...

And most excellent completion of a UFO - love it, great job!

flyingbeader said...

LOVE IT!!!!! But then I did get to spend a weekend with you & get to see you work on the drift wood. Hugs

abeadlady said...

What an awesome piece! You are sooo good at these kinds of things. Your sculpture work is gorgeous!


GraceBeading said...

Looks like the long wait was worth it. It's amazing Ellen!

Ellen said...

Thank you girls! I have been feeling a bit down lately, so it is nice to get some encouragement from my beady friends ;)
Denise - I'm looking forward to seeing more sculptural stuff from you ;P

Cyndy said...

That's so cool!

Mel said...

It's GORGEOUS! I think I still have a rock somewhere I started beading around and never finished. LOL! {HUGS}

Ellen said...

Thank you Cyndy & Mel ;)

Beady Zoo said...

Ellen, your beaded rock is outstanding! Of course, I have been known to spend hours looking at tide pools & their creatures.

I love the hidden gems in the sea anemones, the tiny shells (especially the one on the front), the pearls, the glass bead that looks like a blob of jellyfish on the back. The colors are wonderful, and I like the way the anemone tentacles start opaque and change to transparent. LOVE it all! Wow ... - Kathy