Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LOL @ myself

While cleaning up after finishing my last project, I thought I should sort the flippies & odd beads & stuff on my bead cabinet as well & guess what I found underneath some STUFF..

A bracelet that I had finished somewhere back around Christmas time ~grin~

This was done in 2 drop peyote with a row of gorgeous purple swarovski sequins (?) stitched down the centre & fringing on the sides & either side of the crystals

It really is dainty and looks great on as you can see.
Maybe I should clean my bead cabinet up more often LOL


Crystal said...

Oh it's really lovely! It reminds me of ice skating!

Ellen said...

LOL Crystal I think there was snow outside when I started it so maybe Ice Crystal would be a good name for it, eh?

Kath said...

Lucky you, to discover something so gorgeous, all I ever find is old socks and half chewed dog bones LOL Kath in ENgland X

Beady Zoo said...

I love buried treasures! especially if they're as lovely as this one. I think Ice Crystal would be a great name for this bracelet. -- Kathy

abeadlady said...

Ice Crystal is a perfect name for this one. I recently bought some of the sequins, so expect to be seeing them soon. LOL. Great bracelet.