Monday, August 9, 2010

365Project, Belly bulge & other EXCITING things

First, I read this study this evening & although I knew that belly fat was dangerous, I found the statistics in this article frightening, especially with so many of us without health insurance. 

Here is the study to you to read it yourself. - Study: Belly bulge can be deadly for older adults -

Maybe you have heard of the FlatBelly Diet but if you haven't, check it out, it really isn't a diet as much as it is a way to eat & is full of wonderful information for anyone wanting to work at their making their belly smaller.  Here are some FlatBelly Meals.  In fact is a wealth of information for those of us fighting the battle of the Bulge.

I am diabetic & so have trouble with my weight but I have lost a few pounds recently after putting back 11 of the 15 pounds I'd previously lost - sigh. So far I am down about 4 again but hey it's a start. I have lost a few inches from my waist too, which really makes me feel better & my pants a bit looser ;)  I read somewhere that measuring is a better way to keep track of weight loss than the scales. The study said a Woman's waist should be no bigger than 35", so of course I grabbed the tape & measured my waist & I am just a half inch over at 35.5" - no sucking it in either ;)  I have been doing some isometric exercises that target the core muscles & I think that, as well as my diet are helping be take control of my waist line.

Here is a whole bunch of links to a google search for isometrics aimed at weight loss, enjoy!

OK, some exciting news....  On July 17, my Granddaughter Katy became Mother to Jaxon a beautiful baby boy, making my Daughter Dear a GrandMother & me a Great GrandMother, how's that for exciting?

Today I joined the 365Project ..

 I've been taking a lot of pictures lately as the arthritis in my right hand is not letting me bead much ;( I thought taking pics might keep me busy.  Feel free to sign up to do the picture a day project & join me & hundreds of other folk with an eye for taking pictures..

Funny thing but a while back, the thought crossed my mind about doing a photo a day & posting it on here but that is all it ever was, a thought LOL

I really am going to try & commit to this for a year, so here goes nothing..

Here are the first two pictures..

I found this little guy/gal sitting waiting for dinner in the center of a daisy
As I sat there, a bug landed at the edge where all the pollen is & in the blink of an eye, the little spider had the bug in its grip & dinner was served..

I've started carrying my camera in the pocket of my jeans because I know how often I've thought 'Darn, I wish I had my camera', so now I do & hopefully I'll get some interesting shots over the space of the next 365 days..


Kath said...

What a nice newsy post. Congratulations to the whole family on the recent addition of baby Jaxon!

Carol said...

Glad you are back to posting! Glad you are thinking of your health too. I don't need to diet, but I do need to excercise!! My time really means I don't wanna. Congratulations to you. Losing a battle does not mean you lost the war!!

Congrats on the new baby.

Ellen said...

Thanks Kath & Carol, hopefully I will keep more up to date with my blog now