Friday, August 13, 2010

Daily pics

What a beautiful sunny day here at the beach, pity we didn't get more days like this..

Here are my 365Project pictures

For yesterday 8-12-10
Now I am not sure what this flower is but a girlfriend said it looks like a False St. John's Wort, now of course I googled it & only found pictures of St. John's Wort but this sure looks like the same flower. Click it to see a bigger pic & the incredible detail of this magical flower

 If it is SJW then how fitting,  as it grows in the garden of our local hospital..

Today's pic is a Yarrow flower just about to burst into bloom..


Anonymous said...

I like the acid-yellows and greens in these two shots! Please send some pleasant days my way....we have sun aplenty, but the temps are too up there! (heat index of 112 today!)

Ellen said...

Thanks Judah, me too ;)

Man that is hot, we need more sunshine so I'll trade you some cloudy days..

Kath said...

hello Ellen, I have that plant in my garden in England. I know it as Hypericum, but I believe it is also known as St Johns wort. It is very tenacious and pops up all over the place. Many regard it as a nuisance, but as you say, at close quarters it is beautiful.