Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daily pic

My 365Project shot for the day...
Gone to seed.
It is a thistle of some kind. In New Zealand we call it Sour Thistle or Puha, which is the Maori name for it.  I have sauted the leaves of this plant with chopped onions & garlic - it's similar to spinach. 


Kath said...

This looks rather like the English dandelion, we can eat the leaves although they are rather peppery. You can make tea from the leaves or roots, which is diurettic. When we were little, if any of us had the brown marks on our fingers, from the root sap, the cry would go up "She wets the bed!".

Ellen said...

The flowers are very similar to the dandelion Kath, but the leaves are different. My Mother used to tell us not to play with the dandelions for that very reason LOL